•     Translation

Achieving the objective is not always easy, but our mission is clear: To produce texts in the target language that read as though they were originally written in that language. In other words, we do more than just translate, we adapt.

Our inseparable teams of professional translators and revisers take great pride in delivering accurate translations, taking into account the intended meaning, the proper terminology for the field in question, the level of language used and the tone and style of the original text, while avoiding common linguistic pitfalls.

•     Editing

When it comes to editing, the wishes of the client are paramount. This is the ultimate "made-to-order" service, which encompasses both copy editing and revision. Some clients require in-depth copy editing of a written text or revision of a translated text, even to the point of rewriting it almost completely, whereas other clients simply require a final inspection of the text, with a bare minimum of changes.

Whatever your specific requirements, we will provide you with the exact level of copy editing or revision you desire.

•     Proofreading

The last step in the editing process! You have fine-tuned your text and come up with a final version. All that remains is to print it or publish it online. Now is the perfect time to have a language professional take one last look for typos or any other minor details that could cause embarrassment, which is the reason why proofreading is such a crucial step in the production of any document.

With the meticulous attention born of experience and passion, we examine every aspect of your documents so that they are perfect, period.

•     Copywriting

Your ideas are clear and well thought out, and now you want to organize them in a manner that will accomplish your objectives. Whether your goal is to sell, to convince, to inspire action or to be understood, we will bring all of our energy, expertise and imagination (which we have in abundance!) to bear in order to meet your needs.

Your ideas are important to you, and nothing gives us greater satisfaction than expressing them on your behalf and helping you to fulfil your mission.

Our approach
It is our goal to become fully functioning members of your team, and therefore, we share your concerns in terms of budgeting. With this in mind, we build a dedicated database for each client as we work on your projects, which allows us to take the inevitable repetition in your texts into consideration when it comes to invoicing.

Following this approach, the more we work together, the more your costs decrease and the more your terminology becomes standardized. We don't waste time reinventing the wheel, which means that your projects are completed more quickly, and everyone shares in the success.