In keeping with our commitments, it goes without saying that the team of language professionals that Communications Parisella, etc. Inc. has assembled are highly trained, experienced and perfectly suited to working together.

We are able to successfully accomplish our linguistic mission by ensuring that everyone does what they do best, working within their respective fields of expertise. Our translators, revisers and copywriters work exclusively in their mother tongue, thus producing texts that flow naturally and eloquently, which is crucial.

Ensuring that your projects are completed properly and on time so that we can contribute to your success is the responsibility of our Project Manager, whose time is devoted entirely to customer service, coordination of projects and administration.


•     English to French (Canadian and international)
•     French to English
•     Spanish to English and/or French
•     English and/or French to Spanish

Some of our fields of expertise

•     Administration
•     Traditional and natural foods
•     Professional associations
•     Communication, advertising and public relations
•     Human resources management
•     Marketing
•     Fashion
•     New technologies, Internet
•     Natural health and beauty
•     Science
•     Tourism, event-based tourism, conferences
•     Pharmaceutical
•     Food Science